Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trader Joe's Silver Dollar Pancakes

There's nothing better than waking up on the weekend to hot off the griddle pancakes, right?  Well, that involves waking up and immediately starting to prep the ingredients, making the pancakes, and then doing a full clean up, which always makes me steer clear of making them.  So, I resort to the next best thing--frozen pancakes.  On my recent trip to Trader Joe's (I think you can sense the trend in my posts, that I absolutely love Trader Joe's) I noticed they had a box of frozen silver dollar pancakes for $1.99!  I figured that I had to try them since I love pancakes and this was such a great deal.  The serving size is 11 pancakes, which may sound like a lot but they are super small.

I ended up having about 9 and it was plenty.  These were good for frozen pancakes, but seeing that pancakes are my favorite food it did not nearly come close to fresh pancakes.  I guess if I want to satisfy my pancake craving the best bet is to either make them myself or go out and get them.  For now, this is a decent frozen option, and they are very convenient if you are on the go because you can literally pick one up and eat it in two bites.

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